18 de enero de 2017

Homemade Crunchy Nougat Recipe

We were getting ready for dinner and I noticed there were no nougats. Very  wrong. Moreover, almost all businesses had closed. I just got to buy some walnuts and almonds.

  • Some walnuts (let's say ¿20?)
  • Some almonds (let's say ¿20?)
  • Some sugar (let’s say, a quarter of the apparent size of the mountain of walnuts and almonds)

  • Butter a metal baking dish.
  • Put the sugar in a metal jug (I do not put water) and heat it until the caramel has a slight brown tone.
  • Add the walnuts and almonds and stir a little to warm the mix.
  • Throw the mixture into the baking dish and distribute so that there is a flat layer instead of a mountain. More or less with the high of a walnut or hazelnut.
  • ¡Caution! ¡Wait for it to cool down! The caramel is hot, very hot. It's hot even after it gets half-hard. It's hot even after it seems cold. It's hot even after waiting a while. Better to wait for it than to get burn.
  • Unstick the crunchy nougat, try to break it and eat it. (If it is too high, it is difficult to break.)

  • I found it very sugary, next time I'll try with less sugar.
  • I should have waited a little longer for the caramel to take color, so it had a more caramely taste, but I was afraid to burn it.