15 de abril de 2018

A Wall Lizard in my Home

During the summer a wall lizard appeared twice in the bathroom window of my house at midnight. It was about 10 cm (4in) long without counting the tail (I'm still not sure if the translation is wall lizard, lizard, gecko, or whatever). It is ususual because lizards are not common in Buenos Aires and also I live on a high floor.

It was during very hot nights (after a day of about 30°C (85°F)). I do not know if it liked that the window was cooler because of the air conditioning, or the reason was that we had a little light lit so the window attracted bugs and the lizard was there waiting to catch them.

I also saw it sometimes watering the plants, but it didn't like the water did or the water scared it so the lizard ran out before I could photograph it.

Wall lizard in the window of my home (no banana nearby)